HumorOutcasts Interview with Jim Saunders Author of “Animal Dances”

“Animal Dances” by Jim Saunders

This podcast is an interview with Jim Saunders who is the author of, Animal Dances.

“Animal Dances” is a World War I historical fiction novel which combines extensive research of WWI along with eyewitness accounts documented in letters to form a backdrop for the fictionalized story of, “Harry.” The story follows Harry as he is caught up in the events of conflict while he longs for his former more carefree time back at home dancing to the ragtime beat of the Animal Dances. His journey through his wartime involvement will present a set of experiences that will impact him for a lifetime.

The story of the writing of this book is an interesting one by itself. While settling the estate of his Aunt Emily, Jim stumbled across a series of letters that documented several years of correspondence between Emily and her brother who was a soldier fighting abroad during WWI. Jim’s initial idea was to take the events described in the letters and to somehow synchronize them into the historical events of WWI.

However, finding an interesting angle to this process proved itself to be cumbersome. After having a lunch conversation with a friend, Jim began to develop the concept of a novel by adding a fictionalized story.

On the Podcast – Jim Saunders the Author of “Animal Dances” and Host Billy Dees

Jim has a plethora of experience and training in various fields of science including that of a researcher. He also has a great appreciation for history and the human experience. This combination alone makes him the perfect author for this type of story. However, Jim had such a dedication to the project that he felt he needed to further develop his storytelling skills in addition to his already well-practiced scientific writing. As a result, Jim enrolled himself into fiction writing classes, workshops, and other various courses.

The product of Jim’s 8 years’ worth of hard work and dedication is an excellent and well-reviewed book. I would certainly hope that you will accept our invitation to listen to our podcast to hear more about this fantastic and creative journey from Jim himself. For your convenience the interview is available below at the bottom of this post. Just hit play. The podcast episode is also available on most of the major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and on your favorite Alexa device under the “Billy Dees Podcast.”

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HumorOutcasts Interview with Jim Saunders of “Animal Dances”

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