Tongue Loss

Do you snore? Relief is in sight.

A new study on people with sleep apnea who snore found that these people have fat tongues, and this contributes to their snoring. Just when you thought you looked good in that two-piece bathing suit, everyone on the beach stares at your tongue. Oh man, it spills out of their mouth.

Get your tongue on diet and exercise.

Kind of a coincidence because one of my New Year’s resolutions is to do more pushups with my tongue. But it’s so boring, and the floor tastes horrible.

I approached the YMCA with a new exercise class. It combines vigorous, carefully calibrated tongue movements with funky music.

Come and join the Tongue and Groove class.

Class size limited to 30 tongues. 10% off if you have tongue and groove flooring. Always remember to warm down after class by licking a friend several times.


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