Decisions… Decisions…

I am constantly challenged with the virtue of learning patience. There are times when I genuinely get it (but countless others when my type ‘A’ personality intervenes because it will have nothing to do with the concept). One thing I pride myself on, however, is the ability to make a decision.

My husband and I have two wonderful teen-aged daughters and have arrived at that place where their social calendars are packed most weekends and such calendars don’t have a lot of mommy and daddy time on them. We’re fine with that—gives us time to hang and home-body it up with each other. We are learning how to recapture those moments before children and are able to kick in our spontaneity meter more and more. Sometimes we’ll grab a bite somewhere on Friday nights after work and either take in a movie (or Red Box) to round out the evening.

Red Box was the option Friday night. We have a location not too far from our home and it often seems to have pretty current titles. I had my own car and we arranged for me to stop on the way home. We decided (yes, decided) we were in the mood for some sort of thriller. I pulled up to the location and noticed there was one person ahead of me. No problem, this shouldn’t take too long…

Fifteen minutes later, my blood began to boil when the woman in front of me was still surfing the comedy category. For some reason, it seemed she felt it necessary to click every title and read every synopses before the notion of a decision would arise. I capitulated. I turned, dug my car keys out of my purse and walked away without our Friday night thriller movie.

Meanwhile, back on our home front, my hubby had already popped up a big bowl of popcorn so we could jump right into our savory movie. When I walked through the door movie less, he had a puzzled look on his face. I held my hand up and told him we were onto ‘Plan B’. There would be no Red Box tonight or for that matter, anytime soon. I walked into the living room and grabbed the remote. I pointed it at the television and pulled up PayPerView. I scrolled through the screen until I got to the thriller/mystery category, pointed at one of them, hit select, pay and sat down. I achieved all of that in a matter of 60 seconds. I took a deep breath, looked at my husband and gave him a big, warm smile and said:  “That’s how you make a decision.” and asked him to pass me some popcorn.



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    1. Thanks Tom. I can assure you, it will be a long time before I attempt that maneuver again…

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