Consumers, Outraged by “Blackfish” Documentary, Will Only Purchase Sea World Tickets at Steep Discount

Last year’s documentary “Blackfish” has caused a large public backlash against Sea World Entertainment, Inc. in response to their use of captive killer whales for entertainment purposes. Sea World ticket sales have plunged in response, and have only rebounded since the company partnered with Groupon to sell steeply discounted passes.

Sea World

We contacted several people who recently purchased the Sea World tickets.

“It’s appalling what they’re doing with these gentle creatures. I can’t in good conscience support such acts. But $59…that’s a crazy deal! Last year I paid like a hundred bucks,” said self proclaimed animal lover Marcie Killian.

“We ought to throw them in a tank and see how they like it! What? I can buy 10 tickets at that price? Just this one time, and then these guys are dead to me!” added friend Karen Stevens.

“It’s an out and out tragedy. The whole thing. It stinks on ice. Those poor fellas. But for $59 bucks…heck, I can get most of that back in free beer samples. Free Billy!” said Billy McCartney.

Sea World’s Groupon promotion has ended, but Sea World Entertainment recently reported record earnings.

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5 thoughts on “Consumers, Outraged by “Blackfish” Documentary, Will Only Purchase Sea World Tickets at Steep Discount”

  1. Morals shmorals. We Americans love a good discount, but they should’ve thrown in free whale-teeth necklaces from the unlucky ones. To show they really care, you know.

  2. Yes – we purchased the buy-one, get-one free SeaWorld season passes. We were going to cancel the season tickets when we learned about their new 2014 food line-up including “Killer Whale Fin Soup” and “locally-grown fillet of fish sandwiches”. But when they offered us the free parking pass – all was forgiven. (just joking about these new menu items)

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