HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Phillip Dillman

PhilphotoThis week  Phillip Dillman, author of Scripture Scribbles: Cartoons from the Choir Loft   joined us on Humoroutcasts Radio.  Phillip, a truck driver by profession, has long entertained his congregation and pastor with “scribbles” that reflect a message about the Sunday Sermon. The cartoons will make you laugh out loud and it’s a fun book to read and pass on!  Click on Phil’s name below to hear the interview.     You can buy Scripture Scribbles at and please check out Phil’s author page on HOPress as well.




Phillip DillmanPhillipcover

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One thought on “HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Phillip Dillman”

  1. Yes, these cartoons do make you laugh out loud, especially if you are someone who has been tasked with the challenge of preaching! I always did wonder what was going on in the choir while I offered up my stimulating homilies! Haha!

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