Pilot Error


The Daily News recently reported on a strange and disturbing story coming out of (where else?) Canada. If you’re like me you probably wonder what pilots do on long, boring flights once the plane is on auto-pilot. They can’t just drop the oxygen masks from the passenger cabin ceiling and have a good laugh. But now we know what they do to pass the time.

According to the article, a Canadian airline has had to warn its pilots to stop bringing porno magazines into the cockpit. I always wondered where that word came from, but let’s move on.

Transport Canada has warned that “placing paper into compartments with electrical wiring could create a fire hazard.” I’m not too concerned about that, because it seems manageable. Here’s what I’m really worried about:

The pilot is enjoying his magazine when something catches his eye through the windshield. He looks up, stares at the thing on the horizon, and then says “What’s that goat doing up here on a cloud?”

A moment later he gets it and screams “Mountain!!!”

He drops the magazine, reaches down between his legs, and grabs the rudder. He yanks it backward and then shouts “Why isn’t the plane moving!!!”

Yup, not good. I thought Canadians only read National Geographic. Shows how much I know.


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7 thoughts on “Pilot Error”

  1. I always wondered what was happening when a plane took a sudden dip, then was right again, with everyone in the cabin going, “What the ___!” Now I know.

  2. Haaaaa well, now maybe they can use the internet an only look in their iPads and iPhones…. no paper issue but, still a distraction, above 10,000 feet when the wifi gets turned on. (Insert Beavis and Butthead voices.. :hee.. heeee he said turned on!)

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