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Who’s At Lunch For Your Lunchtime Errands?



You’re at work. Lunch hour is coming up, and you are going to run an errand during lunch hour. Today, it involves finally getting the time to have that blood test stuff done that your doctor prescribed 4 1/2 weeks ago. So, 11:55 AM comes, you shut down your personal Facebook account early, and you head on over to this particular lab to get the blood draw done. You get there, and you see the sign in the pic above!!!!

C’mon! Does the WHOLE office really have to shut down at lunch time???

Do ya think they all go to McDonalds?  Then all come back, realize there are no customers, so they decide to check their own LDL’s, HDL’s, HTML’s, EIEIO’s and LMNOP’s?

I think the person who decided Noon was a good time for all of the phlebotomists to take lunch was probably unsuccessful at their previous consulting jobs:

Suggesting grocery stores be closed on the weekends

Church closings on Sundays

And “POP ONLY” sales four hours before all NFL, NBA, MBL and NHL games.

Imagine if I would have actually wasted my 5 minute-vending-machine-stride-gum-lunch-break to get to this office, or worse, someone wasted their coveted SMOKE BREAK to get there!!!!

Hey, ABCD- phlebotomers, Dr. Lou Stool (my G.I. doctor) said I eat too much fast food and ordered me to get my blood tested. You’re closed before work. You’re closed AFTER work and you’re closed during our lunch break.

Here’s what I have determined out of all of this…you lab people have lunch with bank tellers and postal employees every day. I know this cuz, when I’ve had other errands to run at lunch…get some stamps, cash a check I received as a gift…GUESS WHO ELSE IS AT LUNCH DURING MY LUNCH HOUR??

As a heads up, I’m getting a job at your favorite office-delivery pizza place. And every time you call in for a lunchtime delivery, I’m gonna simply say, “Thanks for your order. I’ll just drop those pizzas off when it’s convenient for me…about 2am on my way home from work,” Ya Jagoffs!


Author Bio

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, loyal denizen John Chamberlin has carved out a niche writing and talking about Jagoffs, i.e. stupid politicians, awful sports officials, dumb criminals, bad drivers, ignorant people and so on. In his effort to teach the world about the meaning of the term Jagoff, Chamberlin has launched a campaign to add the word to the dictionary. His efforts have received support from Pittsburgh celebrities, local media and the Mayor. When he is not trying to alter vocabulary as we know it, Chamberlin writes with passion about  Pittsburgh and brings to life the color of “The Steel City” on his blog He has developed a cadre of worldwide “YaJagoff Catchers” who submit their own Jagoff finds which he posts on his site. When not writing on his own blog, Chamberlin writes for the popular online magazine, He also speaks about social media and its importance in developing a brand–even a Jagoff brand.

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