Black Friday Jagoffery



Yesss… why not.  Just park wherever that 4-wheel drive stuff will take you.  Here’s the message that came with the pic:

A little black Friday jagoffery at Ross Park Mall near Pittsburgh.

Hey “Ross Parkmall” (see what I did there.. I did Ross.. then… uhhhh, never mind), since today is Cyber Monday, does that mean that, before you got on your computer with your cup of freshly ground Kopi luwak beans, you pulled your car out of  your environmentally controlled 4-car garage and parked in on top of your well manicured quadruple-shredded-mulched beds of Euonymus fortune, Hypericum calycinum, Juniperus horizontalis, Perovskia atriplicifolia, and, of course, Rosemarinus officinali?  But it’s ok to do it at the mall, right, Ya Jagoff?

Thanks to Kelly Starkey‎ for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

check out all of my parking Jagoffs, i.e. #PeterParkers here.

Feel free to order my book of Jagoff Stories as a stocking stuffer.

(It was just named as a finalist in USA Book Contest Humor Category)



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