Some Things Don’t Change, They Just Get Funnier


Being a guy who participates in gunfight reenactments is the polar opposite of being a guy at a fertility clinic. When you’re the mock “gunfighter,” you actually want to be shooting blanks.

Recently, a participant in an “old west” gunfight reenactment in Tombstone, Arizona learned this lesson the hard way. Things did not go OK down at the corral when he shot another actor in the groin with a real bullet. Two more bullets reportedly struck nearby buildings, causing shrapnel to hit a female bystander.

Interviewed after the event, the woman grazed by the bullet told a reporter: “My husband dragged me to this historical hell-hole. But it is interesting to see how little has changed over time. This kind of thing could just as easily happen in a mall food-court today.” She then shook her head and said, “Men.”

True to form, the actors remained in character following the accident. One gave the wounded actor a bottle of whiskey to chug from and then jammed a stick between his teeth. The actor portraying Doc Holliday used a pair of rusty calipers to yank the bullet from the injured guy’s groin. And the wound was then cauterized using a cattle branding iron.

Reached for comment, the mayor of Tombstone told reporters “We are treating this incident as a potential practical joke. These actors always like to pull gags on one another.”

Following this incident the town noticed a steep decline in tourists paying to be part of the once-popular mock hangings. But not everyone is feeling downcast. Reached the following day for comment, NRA President Wayne LaPierre said, “We’re pretty confident at this time that the shooter was one of those ‘good guys with a gun.’

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  1. Shot in the groin! Is this another Republican attack on (someone who) Planned Parenthood?

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