Superbowl 49, Rhymed


Patriots and Seahawks

The hype has arisen

And Cheatin’ Ol’ Belichick

Why ain’t he in prison?


Richard the Sherman

His mouth always running

And Russell the Wilson

With a sly smile… so cunning


And the Gronk, like a bronc

No way to be tame

Was on Letterman with Lynch

Playing a video game


Finally, on Sunday, game’s on for real

No, seriously, balls all inflated

Pressurized, inspected and tested

Let’s see if this is all so o-ver-rated


Then halftime shows up

After hours of ads

A pretty girl rides a lion

And sharks dance like cads


A pass from Russell the Wilson

Hits a receiver downfield

After falling on his back

Still a catch did he yield


Now Marshon wants the ball

The later, the better

How ‘bout the last play of the game

Say ‘hawk fans, all bitter


What was Petey thinking

Throwin’ a slant from the one?

Didn’t he know that Beast Mode

Could punch it in with a run?


No such luck, Wilson threw it

Pats fans elated

Cause Malcomb Butler caught it…

Hawks fans deflated.


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