MAGA – The Alternative Meanings Of The Infamous Initials.

MAGA – The Alternative Meanings Of The Infamous Initials.
                Instead of Making America Great Again they are Mulching America’s Gonads Aggressively!

Mental-midgets Accelerating Grumpy Accusations

Mind-blowing Accusations Going for an Artery

Misanthrops Acting like General-type A**holes

Mundane Artists of a Grotesque Art

Monsters Aping Gaping Authentic people.

Memories of an America that Gag Anyone else

Miraculously Acting like Genuine Anthropes

Mentalizing About Governmental Abuse

Making a Mountain out of a Gopher Abode

Myopic Anarchistic Gangsters Attacking

Misanthropic A**holes Galvanizing Attitudes

Minimizing Achievements by Governmental Agencies

Mimicking Attitudes Guaranteeing Anarchy

Mediocre Agents of an Gnome Angered

Making Anger a Gigantic Asset

Mastering A Goon Attack

Mesmerizing A Giant Audience

Managing A Grift Alliance

Morons Attacking Governmental Agencies

Maintaining A Grip on America’s throat

Mentally Acquiring a Gonzo Audience

Maniacs Arguing Governmental Attacks

Members Are Giant Asses

Mongoloids Against Governmental Affairs

Massively Arguing General Assessment of 2020 election.

Mistakenly Agitated Gremlin-like Aggressors.

Much Ado Generally About nothing.

Macho Aboriginals Ganging-up About anything

Meandering Avidly Gardens of Absurdity

Mouthing About Generally Anything.

Masticating All Generalities Acutely

Making Acid Gangrene Actual

Mechanically Aping General Ape-**it

Masterfully Agitating Gnome-like Attitudes


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  1. I’m his next door neighbor in Hell.
    Beleive me, with him as a neighbor it is a real Hell.
    (And for God’s sakes don’t ask me how I got here!!!)

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