The Four F’s

 I can honestly say that I learn something new every day:


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10 thoughts on “The Four F’s”

  1. I spent about 39 minutes trying to re-write those 3 words with M’s. I have now successfully dodged unloading the dishwasher and will not give up this task of synonym searches. Thanks for the excuse of “working” AND of course, another awesome Bill Y post!

    1. Thanks John. It took me a couple of hours to realize that I wasted two hours on, well, nothing!

  2. My guess, Bill Y, would be that whoever wrote this scientific article failed all courses on alliteration OR his hypothalamus is on the fritz–ooh, Fritz another f-word.

    1. I think alliteration was the only thing I liked about words when I first learned about them.

  3. According to “eDating the Old School Way,” there are men categorized as the 3 Fs: Forty/Fifty, Fat and Flatulent. Guess the hypothalamus wasn’t included.

    1. One of these days, the man categorising will stop and this will be a good day. Well, a good day for men anyway!

  4. Thanks, Bill. The next time someone tries to tell me I’m fat because I eat too much, I’ll blame my hypothalamus!

    As for the “M” word — people should just come right out and say it:


    😉 😀

    1. I would be the opposite now. I have to stop saying F**K. I sometimes pretend I have tourette’s syndrome and while this does work, it doesn’t make me feel good about myself!

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