King of the Leprechauns

By: Mike Mozart

I was watching a morning news show and they did an “ask people on the street” segment.  The topic of the day was: Who was St. Patrick?

One woman declared with bellowing confidence: “He was King of the Leprechauns!”

After hearing this expert historian’s response, I would like to call her up and ask three things:



  1. When did they start canonizing leprechauns?
  2. If he were really King of the Leprechauns wouldn’t he be on the Lucky Charms cereal box?

AND Lastly,

3. How often do you smoke your pot of gold?



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9 thoughts on “King of the Leprechauns”

  1. Of course they don’t canonize leprechauns. They’re too little to shoot out of a cannon.

    Oops! I forgot! It isn’t that kind of canon!


  2. The King of the Leprechauns coincidentally is the first boss in this game I’m conceptualizing.

  3. Thanks for giving us this lilt of Irish laughter. Because of you my Irish eyes are smiling, and my Irish heart is happy.

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