I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle

Nothing Left But Vowels - Photoshop by Deb Martin-WebsterWhen my daughter Mia was little she went to a Irish Preschool called, Lilliput Learning Academy.  She would go in the mornings and I would pick her up later in the afternoon.  This particular morning she was eager to leave, saying that her teacher had something exciting to tell them.  When  I arrived to pick her up she was smiling telling me that her teacher Miss Rosie  told them that tomorrow was March 17th a special day and everyone should wear Green.  I looked puzzled because my daughter didn’t own anything green – absolutely nothing.  I told her that she could wear her pretty blue outfit instead.  However, she was insistent about wearing green. I asked her why? She told me that they HAD to wear green, because, “Everybody wears green on, Saints Paget, Saint Pats, Pates Saints . . . on Pat Sajak’s Day!”

So, every year since she was 4-years-old, on March 17th, our family proudly dresses as Vanna White and celebrated, PAT SAJAK’S DAY oh, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day for those who insist on wearing green.


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9 thoughts on “I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle”

  1. When I was four, there was no way I could say something as deep, meaningful and concise as Pat Sajak’s Day.

  2. Gee, I wonder if this could actually take off and become an American tradition?

    1. I agree Kathy! Wouldn’t it he hilarious to see Pat and Vanna dancing the jig dressed as leprechauns, lol!

    1. Donna, I have to laugh because I have video of her pretending to be Pat Sajak introducing Vanna White! She was a Wheel fanatic!

  3. So cool, only my daughter could screw up the words and come up with really brilliant new phrase.

    1. Yep, and we’ve never let her forget it! It’s gotten to the point I can’t say Saint Patrick’s Day without seriously thinking about it, lol!

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