Life with Harmony the Non-Irish Cat

A very holy cat.  Notice the lopsided halo.
A very holy cat. Notice the lopsided halo.
It’s funny that I was chosen to sing this morning at the St. Patrick’s Day mass at my church, because I am not Irish. It appears that there isn’t anything Celtic about me, at least according to the results of the National Geographic DNA test that I took, which I am pretty sure I can interpret correctly if I peer at it with a magnifying glass from four different angles.

At any rate, I am not Irish, and neither is my cat, Harmony. The closest that we come to Irishness is being Catholic.

Yes, Harmony is a Catholic cat. She has been blessed by a priest on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. That makes it official, as far as we are concerned. No cat will ever be more Catholic than that.

St. Francis made Harmony official.
St. Francis made Harmony official.

She has never gone to mass, because she prefers to spend Sunday mornings staring out the back door window at squirrels and birds and people. She thinks people are funny. Attending mass, however, is strictly optional for Catholic cats, so I don’t say anything to her about it.

My church singing job requires me to be at mass every Sunday at 8:30 AM. I think it would be only fair if Harmony had to forego the back window parade and come with me at that forsaken hour, but if I were to let her out of the apartment she would head anywhere except to church with me.

So I tread a lonely two-block path every Sunday morning.

Sunset in Kingsbridge Bronx 2013

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6 thoughts on “Life with Harmony the Non-Irish Cat”

  1. I asked the church if I could become the Patron Saint of Mockers and what did they do? Try mocked me! That’s right, they only went and mocked me. Serves me right, I suppose. Anyway, I’ve made all of HO, Irish for the day that was in it. You’re welcome.

  2. So she’s a consecrated cat and you love her like a rock?

    As long as you’re singing solo, you’ll be singing without Harmony.

    1. I offered to teach Harmony to sing, but she told me to go vocalize myself.

      I think that means she’s not interested.

  3. Everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day and that is the magic of the day! Even the cat. My non-catholic friends and their ministers also do animal blessings. Animals to me are above the organized religion nonsense. They have it right. Everyone is one, but then again, some eat their young, so…

    1. Animals are the best! I can’t imagine life anymore without a critter living with me. I had two dogs for many years, and now I am on my way to becoming an old cat lady. Actually, I style myself a dog-and-cat person now. I love them all.

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