A Holiday Jagoff Challenge! (It’s Easy)

Hey!  We know that Hashtags are cool when you get a good one. But it’s hard to create an original hashtag these days and, on top of that, so many people are now walking around saying “hashtag this, hashtag that!” But, do ya know what the new trend needs to be? This picture! Ya gotta love the lettered Christmas stockings that are arranged to spell our favorite word!  It’s an emotional work of art as far as I am concerned.

(hold on while I take a sec to dab my eyes and clear my throat)

Well, this is the challenge… should you choose to accept it!  This Holiday season, find letter thingies in public places and get the letters rearranged to say Jagoffs! Then, take a pic and send it to me john@yajagoff.com.

Are ya up for the challenge?  Remember, don’t be a jagoff and deface anything! Just have some good fun. Even take a selfie with your proud work!  C’mon, get at it. And, when you submit the photo, tell us what city and state it was.

So go load up your pockets with camera film and flash cubes.. get some JAGOFFS pics, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks to B-Mark for starting this trend for us! Let’s get some pancakes!

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