A lesson on dreaming big from my daughter-in-law, Mark Zuckerberg, and a snake

My son’s wife, Kelley, has a unique gift. When she expresses a desire, even if it seems unattainable, it comes true.

Like the time she wrote a list of her goals and included, ‘meet Oprah,’ and within a few months Oprah chose her as an Ultimate Viewer, extended an invitation to attend an Oprah show, and gave her a trip to Australia. With Oprah.


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It seemed impossible, but this happened

Last week Patrick and I went to The Fiddlehead Restaurant with James and Kelley, using a gift certificate they gave us for Christmas. We wanted to go sooner, but between my recurrent sinusitis, and their ongoing scourge of strep throat, colds, and conjunctivitis we considered it a victory to be disease-free by mid-May.

During our dinner conversation, Kelley talked about Mark Zuckerberg. She is intrigued about the Harvard dropout’s delivery of this year’s commencement speech at Harvard and follows him on Facebook.

She said, “I want to meet him someday.”

As we prepared to leave the restaurant several delays prolonged our goodbyes. James and Kelley stopped to talk to friends from Cameron’s preschool, I had to go to the bathroom, and James had a dental floss emergency.

We gathered in the courtyard outside the restaurant and while I was rummaging through my purse looking for a single string of floss and James was fretting about the food caught in his teeth, Kelley and Patrick observed a young couple scurry past them. Kelley smiled at the man and waved. He smiled back.

It was Mark Zuckerberg with his wife, Priscilla. In Bangor, Maine. Minutes after Kelley expressed her desire to meet him.


My experience manifesting a desire

Earlier in the week, I had a conversation with a friend about noticing snakes. She sees them at the beginning of spring, late in fall, and multiple times in between, finding respite when they finally go into hibernation.

A few days after the Mark Zuckerberg incident, Patrick and I went for a walk, and I told him about my friend’s penchant for seeing snakes. I commented that I never see them but snickered, “I’ll probably start seeing them now.”

Lost in reverie as we inhaled the sweet smell of cut grass, listened to birds communicating through song, and swatted flies I exclaimed, “Look! It’s a snake!”

We watched while a snake slithered through the grass on the edge of the road.

“Wow, “ I asserted with enthusiasm, “Apparently I have the gift of manifesting my desires too!”

Patrick pondered my declaration and advised, “Molly, I think you need to raise the bar on your expectations.”


When have you experienced a dream or desire come true? Do share your stories from the reptilian (like mine) to the sublime (like Kelley’s). 

P.S. I didn’t have any dental floss.

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