Bangor Author Brings laugh-out-loud Moments to Boomers with Boomer on the Ledge™


HOPress wanted to share the info about Molly Stevens, her book Boomer on the Ledge and her book party this weekend.   

How does a daughter of a Maine potato farmer turned nurse turned writer face the truth about aging? With a lot of laughter.  In her new pictorial book Boomer on the Ledge™ or BOTL™ (Humoroutcasts Press,2017), Molly Stevens challenges the assumption that aging is grim.

“I started to think about aging and the image of Boomers while watching my grandsons,” Stevens explained. “The kids had that little elf that monitored their behavior for Santa and it brought joy to their world during the Christmas season, and I thought why can’t Boomers have this fun? Really, no one monitors Boomers unless they are watching us for dementia or other diseases.”

Thus, Boomer on the Ledge was born. Stevens’ vision of the book includes photographs because she enjoys the creativity of using pictures to enhance her writing. The pictures also bring to life the most important part of the book – the BOTL doll who not only stars in this pictorial adventure but who resembles the author a great deal.

“My mother had left me a vintage doll which I started to photograph in various poses when I got the Boomer on the Ledge idea for my blog Shallow Reflections. My husband Patrick and I cracked up over the thought of bringing this doll to life as a Boomer. I started posting blogs about the Boomer on the Ledge and showing the doll in all different situations. When I decided to take the BOTL idea to book format, we redesigned the doll and brought in Brenda De Roche, to develop a new doll which would offer a modern and more humorous representation.”

Stevens added that although the book offered her many laughs from its inception, there were challenges.

“I shot the pictures in the height of summer and in Maine that means endless hours of bright sunlight. I used an umbrella, a blanket and even did a few photos in the bathroom with the shade pulled to get the proper lighting.”

One of Stevens’ main goals with this book is to show Boomers the positives that come with aging.

“I wanted the doll and the book to be relatable. My mission is to show Boomers and all readers that in all life’s situations, we can find some humor. Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be grim,” she noted. “Often Boomers will say they wish they were young again. Do I?  Mostly no. It would be nice to have skin with elasticity and a defined waistline, but mostly, life as a Boomer is good, and I want all Boomers to see this.”

Stevens will be hosting a book launch party for Boomer on the Ledge on Saturday, October 28 from 2 to 5 PM at Seasons 427 Main St, Bangor, Maine. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats. The doll will also be for sale at book signings and through the Shallow Reflections website.


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8 thoughts on “Bangor Author Brings laugh-out-loud Moments to Boomers with Boomer on the Ledge™”

  1. Well done, Molly! Boomer on the Ledge is a hoot. As an aging boomer I’d call it the Feel-Good book of the season, although my right knee still aches when it rains. Have you got a book for that? Congratulations on the release of clever read!

    1. Thank you, Dave. It’s not how many aches you have, it’s how much of a pain you are to others that really counts as you age. Gotta go take an Aleve. We’ve got rain in the forecast in Maine.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I get so frustrated with the stereotype of aging as a dismal time of becoming decrepit. I’m going to do what I can to bring positive aging to the forefront through humor!

  2. I’m so excited about the book launch party. I wish you could be there! I’ll get lots of pictures. I am sure there will be an abundance of aughter that will show up!

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