Canada/U.S. Enter High Level Trade Talks

Your esteemed political observer knows why President Pen Pal (all those Executive Orders) has been acting so irrationally. Stick with me here. He wants to rewrite NAFTA with Canada. He almost came so far as to get rid of the deal altogether. He fired the head of the FBI. Many people think , the cynical among you,  that it was because Big Jim was getting too close to the relationship between Russia and the Trump administration. That wasn’t it at all.

Hold your breath. *coughs wildly* Sorry, that’s some good stuff. What I was inhaling, yeah. You see Canada is set to legalize marijuana. We have companies cultivating the plants right now. And there are pot shops already operating in every major city. And some not so major. Canadians hold Prime Minister Trudeau, who promised the legislation as part of his party’selection platform, in extremely high esteem. They don’t call his party Libera for nothing.

Now think about it. How else to explain Donald’s steadfast desire first to tweak, then to ditch, then to rewrite the trade deal between our two countries? Then to fire the biggest law enforcement guy in America? He wants to remove the obstacles to  importing Canadian primo weed. Of course. Then there’s that wall. He wants to keep inferior pot out. Yeah, that’s it. *coughs wildly again* He wants to change NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Act, to NAFMA, the North American Free Marijuana Act.

Can’t you see it as clearly as I can? Or is all that smoke getting in your eyes? There’s only one thing I don’t understand. What’s President Pinhead been smoking up until now?


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