Giving Huggies in a Parking Lot?

Oh HELL no!  That is no plump, perfectly formed scone!  That is a diaper filled with nasties lying in a parking lot.  The Jagoffestrator also points out the wipey next to it!

Accident?  Nope! A diaper that size makes a THUMP when it hits the pavement.  If it fell, someone knew it and, I’d be shocked if the secret diaper-er didn’t have steel-toed boots on just in case that monstrosity hit their foot when it fell.

(NOTE: writing the word “monstrosity” about a full dirty diaper just made me gag BTW)

Hey Dirty-Deed-Done-Dirt-Cheap-Diaperer, were you trying to “Pamper” yourself in the parking lot? Or trying to show someone some “Luvs” by leaving your load where a Smart Car would be sliced open like the hull of the Titanic if it ran into it? Maybe the thing fell when you were giving goodbye “Huggies” to everyone before getting in your car?

Nope.. you just didn’t want a single STANKY diaper in the same car where you, yourself, burp, fart, pick your nose, eat, drop food and spill baby formula and some of your caramel-mocha-anda-whole-lotta-otha-crappa gourmet coffee! Does that make you a jerk… (get ready for the big finish)….. does it make ya a jerk.. well… DEPENDS, Ya Jagoff!

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