HOPress – A Review of our 2017 Releases: Week 2

Here we go again! As I said last week, we will be highlighting this year’s releases for HOPress, Shorehouse Books and Corner Office Books as we always do during the holiday season.  Up this week are  If I Could Mend Your Heart by Mary Farr ; Farewell Amelia Mary: Long Time Looking by H.J. Worthington  and Heartly God? by Wil 3


Description: Years ago, when I was training to become a hospital chaplain, my supervisor offered a startling observation: “You will learn that chaplaincy and the art of caring for another during times of grief have little to do with a job description and everything to do with the interruptions.” 

If I Could Mend Your Heart, is all about life’s interruptions – the losses, the endings, the upheavals. It’s a little book with a big message about healing and how we show up and support one another in our troubles. Readers will find themselves on a small quiet walk filled with authentic words of inspiration, and loving kindness. 

The images speak of hospitality of the heart. It’s a perfect gift when no words can completely express our care and concern. A gift for a friend or one to keep on the nightstand, If I Could Mend Your Heart promises that sunrise truly does follow midnight.


About the Author: Mary Farr, a health care marketing executive and retired pediatric hospital chaplain, has devoted her entire career to exploring the worlds of hope, healing and humor. A former director of chaplaincy at Children’s Hospital, Minnesota., she has authored five books, and been featured in radio programs, publications and blogs including the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnetonka Magazine, ZestNow.com, TheDailyBasics.com, Humoroutcasts.com, and The Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. She has presented at women’s leadership groups, Befriender Ministry forums, Parish Nurse Association Minnesota, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Augsburg College Integrative Medicine Conference; United Hospital Grand Rounds, and numerous grief and loss conferences. 

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Mary completed divinity studies in the Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire where she was ordained to the permanent diaconate in 1983. She received a Master of Arts degree in Theology from St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

You can buy If I Could Mend Your Heart   here!


Description: The stories and vignettes in this book represent the experiences and memories from World War II veteran H.J. Worthington. A first-time author at the age of 90, Mr. Worthington offers readers a personal journey through some of America’s most important moments in time.


About the Author: H.J. Worthington is a WWII veteran, father of six and grandfather of nine. He has no publishing credits and this is his first book. He is not looking for fame or fortune. His next birthday will bring him to his tenth decade.

The stories and other offerings in this book are a selection from the archives in his mind from long ago—up to 2016. He finally realized that if he is ever going to see his work in print, he better take his own advice from one of his many vignettes:

Get going or you’re gone!

You can buy Farewell Amelia Mary: Long Time Looking Here!


Description: Nico Rossi was an engineering wunderkind, until tragedy robbed him of his future. He limped home to Pittsburgh to work as a Catholic school teacher in the hope of rebuilding his spirit. Self medication, toxic girlfriends, and unrelenting insomnia all conspired to sabotage his healing… until, one day, he found himself smack in the midst of a miracle! Do miracles happen? 

“Heartly God?” dives into this question. If they do happen, can we recognize them, or have we all become too bitter, too cynical, or too tired to notice? Can we believe in miracles if science and technology fail to explain events that are indisputable? 

Follow Nico as he struggles through life’s challenges, both mundane and miraculous. Consider if you possess the ability to recognize the wondrous, as it unfolds around you, every day.


About the Author: Wil 3 is a father, an educator and a retired college assistant basketball coach. Wil graduated from Washington and Jefferson college with a double major in Political Science and Secondary Education. Wil has worked as a teacher and curriculum developer in several school districts and post-secondary institutions. Wil is an advocate to end homelessness and currently sits as a Board Member at “Hearts of the Homeless,” a 501(c)3 non-profit and regularly volunteers at Light of Life Mission in the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pa. Prior to releasing “Heartly God?”, Wil authored several one-act plays that have been performed by various theater groups in Western Pennsylvania. Heartly God? is his first full-length novel. When not writing, Wil can be found trout fishing or on a stand-up paddle board with his son Rider and occasionally practicing law, if time permits.

You can buy Heartly God? here 

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