The House That Ethics Built

Hey Gang,

We have heard a lot about ethics recently in the news.  Many of you may be thinking, what are these crazy ethics that I keep hearing about?  Don’t worry if you are confused.  Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer is here to help.

In households, ethics are handed down from generation to generation. In Congress, ethics need a committee to decide what activities will be exposed to the public and which can be handled internally.  It’s like living in a bio-dome of questionable morality.  It sounds fun!

Being ethical isn’t always easy.  Even I, Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer, have had to think long and hard about my ethics in certain situations.  Let me take you back in time when I was Cathy Gainer Junior Trainer, I had been given the daunting task of  training a group of people to give me money when I was standing on the corner asking them for money.  Surprisingly, most people I trained had trouble hearing me. Often they wouldn’t make eye contact or respond when I loudly asked, “Are you even hearing me???”

Once when a young was running across the street to avoid me, a lot of change fell from his pocket.  It left me wondering if this was my tip.  Did he purposely want those many quarters to come flying out of his front hoodie pocket?  There I was in a conundrum, should I take the 75 cents and get that protein packed Slim Jim that I so desperately needed or track him down and give him his change?  I decided to the right thing and sprint towards him.  I yelled, “Hey you, young man, you dropped your money!!! Stop running so fast!!! I will track you down!!!”

Finally, he turned around and yelled back, “Keep it!!! Leave me alone!!!”

The mystery was solved.  He, indeed, meant to leave a tip all along.  It was my ethics and deep commitment to doing the right thing that chased him down four blocks.  Was it easy?  No it wasn’t, but sometimes doing the right thing is hard.

I hope this helps.

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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