Las Vegas comedian Rita Rudner reveals her spectacular ‘boob’!


WE WERE INVITED to the sumptuous hotel suite of Las Vegas comedy legend Rita Rudner and her husband Martin Bergman while they were in London preparing for Rita’s run of shows at the Leicester Square Theatre. Rita’s daughter Mollie received the quick caricature treatment while Martin and Simon reminisced about old times at the school they were at together. Interviewer Alan Stevens managed to introduce some slapstick to the simple task of opening a door and then we were away with Rita regaling us with hilarious anecdotes from her life, topped off, in my opinion, by the one about the bag lady drinking coke wandering into view of the only photo taken at their wedding. Director Guy Carter and cameraman Paul Martin were considerably freed up this time by the introduction of wireless lapel mics which also prevented the oft-seen intrusion of the boom which has featured in previous editions!

Rita Rudner talking to Alan Stevens on Chattoon1

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8 thoughts on “Las Vegas comedian Rita Rudner reveals her spectacular ‘boob’!”

  1. Awesome interview! I’ve always loved Rita Rudner. Welcome to HumorOutcasts!

  2. Excellent post Simon! Donna always said she was a fan on twitter and now I know why! Welcome aboard!

  3. THANKS Mike! Yes, she’s a one-off. She and her husband Martin are spectacularly nice people.

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