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This week Shorehouse Books released, Full Circle, the third installment of the Nick McDeare suspense series. We want to introduce you again to the talented author of this novel, Deborah Fezelle.  Full Circle is available in paperback and Kindle as are the first two books of the series The Evil That Men Do and A Walking Shadow.  Grab these books and immerse yourself into this fascinating series

Tell us about Deborah Fezelle?

Like Nick McDeare, I was an Air Force brat, and my father was a physician. I spent my early years on military bases around the country. The lifestyle wasn’t conducive for making lifelong friends, so I filled the void by immersing myself in the arts, particularly acting. This passion culminated by training in the Drama Division of the Juilliard School in NYC. I worked on Broadway, at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and in other professional theaters around the country. In later years I turned to directing and formed my own theatrical company in Ohio.

I wrote my first play when I was ten. Writing was a hobby, but it turned serious when my younger sister died tragically in NYC at the age of thirty-six. We were extremely close, and I found writing was a healthy outlet for my grief. The characters for these books were born during that time, particularly Nick McDeare and his brother Andrew Brady. Jessie’s theatrical career was an extension of my own passion, though I never came close to her star caliber. I lived in Manhattan for twenty-five years and as a result have an ongoing love affair with that city, despite now living in beautiful North Carolina. Having traveled extensively, I love bringing other countries/cultures into the books. Besides NYC, FULL CIRCLE takes the reader to London, another of my favorite cities.

Inspiration to continue series:

I collaborated on the first two books with a gifted writer, Sherry Yanow. We wrote them long distance, living in different parts of the country, relatively easy in this digital world. It was a good working relationship, and I enjoyed it immensely. When we finished A WALKING SHADOW, Sherry wanted to move on to other challenges, but I felt there was still more story to tell. I heard from so many readers, urging me to continue the series. They said they were invested in the characters and their future. So was I, the characters old friends, having been a part of me for over 15 years. So I tackled FULL CIRCLE, but I wanted to go at it in a different way, delving into what made the characters tick, examining their relationships, their fears and ambitions.

What makes Nick McDeare such an important & endearing character for me:

I think everyone has crossed paths with a Nick McDeare in their lifetime: a closed-off, mysterious, brilliant man who oozes masculinity and sexuality, whose heart and vulnerabilities are buried beneath his tough exterior. You never know what Nick is going to do or say in any given situation. He’s a damaged man, like many of us. His life is marked by loss, something most people can relate to. On the flip side of the coin, Nick’s connection with children is a constant surprise. My relationship with my own father wasn’t always the best, so I wanted Nick to be the kind of dad many wish they had. Ultimately, Nick McDeare is a dichotomy, which is what I find intriguing.

What I like best about the book:

What do I like best? That’s easy. Nick’s relationship with Kat, his daughter from a past affair. Nick must confront a 12-year-old female version of himself, a young girl who turns up unexpectedly. She spars with him in a way no one else can. She’s smart, intuitive and moody – exactly like her father – and constantly confounds him. I loved writing the arc of their relationship. Kat is based on a young woman I’ve known and loved since the day she was born. She was a troubled girl with a lot of issues when she was Kat’s age, but her story has a happy ending. She overcame her addictions, is now married to an incredible man, has two kids and enjoys a loving relationship with her parents. In a way, Kat was written as a tribute to this woman’s achievements. I feel all people can find their way out of the darkness with self-determination and the right guidance. I’m actually exploring this concept with another character in these books.

There’s also a great deal of humor in FULL CIRCLE. I enjoyed showing that Nick is human, that he can accidentally make a fool of himself, just like the rest of us. Even the Queen of England is capable of slipping on a banana peel.

The most challenging part of writing this book:

I had a few false starts in the last few years with writing a 3rd book. The problem? I was trying to fit this novel into a formula that no longer worked. I had to abandon characters from the first 2 books that had run their cycle. When I realized it was time for Nick and his family to move in a new direction, it all came together. Don’t get me wrong: FULL CIRCLE flows from A WALKING SHADOW, but each of these books can stand alone. And I won’t say definitively that past characters won’t turn up again.

To be honest, this book literally flowed from me. I knew I wanted to dissect Nick, to reveal some of his past, to show a little of why he is the way he is. But as often happens, when I began to write, the characters took over, guiding me in directions I hadn’t originally planned. Every writer works differently. For me, I base my characters on real people, whether they be friends or celebrities. That way I literally see them, how they move, sit, speak, etc. I hear their voices and inflections in my head. People tell me I write cinematically. I think that comes from my years as an actress. I can literally inhabit the skin of each character and react organically.

Do I see Nick McDeare continuing after FULL CIRCLE?:

Well, you’re going to have to read FULL CIRCLE to get the answer to that question! As with the first 2 books, the ending will tell you everything …




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