Ironies Of Our Modern Times


Russia stated that anyone spreading ‘false information’ about its armed forces in the ‘war of liberation’ in Ukraine will get a 15 year prison sentence. 

So that means that Putin, if it were applied to him, should be in the slammer for about 15,000 years.

Russia has said that it will suspend Meta (Facebook) entirely because of its decision to restrict access to Russian state media accounts since Facebook violated “fundamental rights and freedoms”. 

I guess they don’t want anyone getting as good at violating people’s space as they are.

Putin says he is attacking Ukraine ‘to denazify it’.
Interesting that he is using Nazi tactics to do just that very thing.

Putin just declared he would consider it to be an act of war to make fun of him riding a horse bare chested (this is for real!). 

By the same standard I wish someone would declare it an act of war for Trump to have his mouth open.

Laura Ingrams stated that  “there were never shortages during Trump’s reign!”
Umm……remember not having enough toilet paper……milk…….eggs……..freedom of speech………freedom of religion………freedom to be anything but right wing……….????

A new ad states- “Pledge in the next 30 minutes to stand with Trump FOREVER!”
What is this, a new Danteain level of Hell???

The same ad is from a group called Save America.
Wouldn’t it Save America more to make him a kapo in a Chinese Uighur re-education camp and get him as far away from us as possible?

The Philippines elects Marco’s son as President.
This is an example of a really bad form of irony. It also shows that Philippinos just cannot get enough of being robbed and oppressed. Be sure to up the production at shoe factories because his wife might want to go shopping if she is anything like the old man’s wife.

Jen Psaki is leaving her position as White House Spokesperson.
Now who is going to keep those far right wingers in line once her whip-like tongue is gone?

“If teenagers understand boundaries, the rights of others, then why can’t lawmakers?” asks an article from the Asheville Citizen-Times.
Duh! Because they aren’t at that level of maturity yet.

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