‘SIN NOMBRE’ Means ‘NO NAME’ In English

This is where Clint Eastwood (aka – ‘The Man With No Name’)would hang out in between making spaghetti westerns.

Actually, Eastwood DID have a name in each of the Sergio Leone movies starring him back in the 1960’s. In Fist Full Of Dollars he was Joe, in For A Few Dollars More he was Manco and in the last, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly he was Blondie.

Also interesting to note is that originally Sergio Leone want Charles Bronson to play the silent killer, but Bronson turned it down for all three movies. Finally he came to work for Leone in the film Once Upon a Time In The West which was a flop in the U.S. but a huge, legendary hit in Europe. Strangely, they got Henry Fonda, the perennial good guy, to play the truly evil, murderous and cruel villain in the film

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2 thoughts on “‘SIN NOMBRE’ Means ‘NO NAME’ In English”

  1. The movie is legendary in Europe where in Germany its name is ‘Spiel Mir Das Leid Von Tod’ which means ‘Play Me The Song Of Death’, which is a much better name if you know the story. Leone, the director, had wanted Bronson to play The Man With No Name in all three of the ones that Eastwood starred in, but he said no on all of them. Finally he agreed to star in this one which turned out t be a flop in the US. It is not well known here.
    I finally watched film in German and wasn’t all that impressed (except for the classic opening scene at the railroad station!) but recently I watched a cut from the movie on You Tube near the end where Bronson comes in to say goodbye to Cardinale where the sound was turned off and you only heard the music and I was impressed with the richness of the settings and the power and emotions that was still expressed silently by the actors and the timing in the scene. When Bronson enters the scene goes to a whole new, emotionally powerful level.
    I wasn’t impressed by Cardinale at first, but in this silent scene I was just how much she expressed with her face and eyes alone. I also saw how truly lovely a woman she was in different way. I now need to watch it again for I obviously missed a lot the first time.

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