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Silliman on Sports Superbowl Cartoons

February 1, 2016

To get you in the mood, folks, remember the past. To start off, do you remember when New Orleans was good enough to be in a Super Bowl? Think back. Or, here’s a past memory, do you remember when Kaepernick was good? That was the time when the Harbaugh brothers and their teams – the Ravens and the 49ers – squared off in Indy at the Lucas Oil Stadium. Maybe you don’t remember because Denver and Seattle played each other in what can only be called “The Pot Bowl.”

Stan Silliman

Sports writer for 13 years, my Bleacher Report articles in USA Today, LA Times, Forbes, Dallas Morning News. Seven books, 6000 jokes, 860 columns written. Also very active on a website called Kwipster. I've writtens for comics and cartoonists. Samples of some of my cartoon/humor books can be seen at I'm also a comedian with regular appearances in New York, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City and Las Vegas. If I ever get on cruise ships, I'll let you know.

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One Response to Silliman on Sports Superbowl Cartoons

  1. Gwendolyn L. Spelvin
    February 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Do you remember when the Vikings was undefeated in the season and then lost the game before the SuperBowl 48-0 with the entire starting lineup going to the pro bowl?

    Origins of the “Pot Bowl”.

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