Silliman on Sports Superbowl Cartoons

To get you in the mood, folks, remember the past. To start off, do you remember when New Orleans was good enough to be in a Super Bowl? Think back. Or, here’s a past memory, do you remember when Kaepernick was good? That was the time when the Harbaugh brothers and their teams – the Ravens and the 49ers – squared off in Indy at the Lucas Oil Stadium. Maybe you don’t remember because Denver and Seattle played each other in what can only be called “The Pot Bowl.”

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One thought on “Silliman on Sports Superbowl Cartoons”

  1. Do you remember when the Vikings was undefeated in the season and then lost the game before the SuperBowl 48-0 with the entire starting lineup going to the pro bowl?

    Origins of the “Pot Bowl”.

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