Bert and Ernie are NOT real and here’s conclusive proof.

We’ve shattered so many illusions lately that you could be forgiven for thinking we were professional illusion shatterers. Not only do we not want to become professional illusion shatterers, we’re quite happy to stay part-time for the next several weeks at least. There’s no point in trying to sugar coat this with sugar because it is what it is. If this news turns your world upside down and forces you to become cynical, you can thank us later. We’re going to make an announcement followed by undeniable proof of the announcement. Take a deep breath as we prove to you that Bert and Ernie are NOT real:




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4 thoughts on “Bert and Ernie are NOT real and here’s conclusive proof.”

  1. Thanks a lot. Every illusion I ever possessed is now in sharp little jagged shatters all over the floor,and I’ve got bare feet.

  2. Get ye behind me Satan. Next you’re going to tell us there is no Easter Bunny or Santa Claus and that the founding fathers had to make comprises to produce our Constitution.

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