Chonicles of a Second Generation Psychic – Part 2

Chronicles of a Second Generation Psychic

In my first article Chronicles of a Second Generation Psychic, one of our  HumorOutcasts writer, L.B. Woodgate asked a very good question, “Can you communicate with the dead and if so how does that feel?” I believe he might have some psychic ability because it is the topic of this article, Life After Death Communication. To answer L B’s question how it feels is simple. When people are asking [me] questions I feel like I’m in a dream state. I’m able to hear the deceased clearly then relay what I hear to their loved ones. Sometimes what the deceased want me to convey to you may not make sense at the time. I always encourage individuals to bring a recording device or to take notes.  The information will become clear to you later.

When people find out that I am psychic they generally ask answers about life after death or the death of a loved one. They want to know if their loved ones are okay, are they in pain, do they know that they are still loved and missed. These questions are part of their personal grief process which I honor and respect. I use my gift to ease their mind and let them know in great detail that they [the deceased] can still hear them and they [the living] can communicate with them. John Edward, a well known psychic medium said it best. “If a person loses their sight or hearing would you stop communicating with them? No, you would learn Braille or Sign Language.” Learning to communicate with deceased loved ones is the same. It simply takes a different form of communication skill.

A few years ago a friend called me about a lost article. She’d recently moved into a new apartment and couldn’t remember where she packed it. She asked if I could “Tap-In” to locate it. I joked about not being able to tap into inanimate objects but I would do my best to help.

I started to ask her a question when I heard an older gentleman’s voice said, “I always loved that blanket.” I asked her was it a blanket she was looking for?

I said an older gentleman is telling me that his brother gave you the blanket and that’s what you are looking for.

She asked if I could describe it. The voice said, “Its yellow with goofy ducks on it, she will remember ask her!”

I said he is telling me it has cartoon type ducks on it, does that make sense and it’s in a box marked books or kitchen?

Her jaw dropped – she remembered she has used it to cushion some books and semi fragile kitchen utensils.

I asked the man to identify himself and does she know you? His answer, “Yes and no, I’m an uncle she’s met but never met.” I relayed this confusing information to her.

She didn’t understand it. He continued, “Tell her to ask her mother it will make sense to her.” She left happy to know where her missing blanket was and eager to chat with her mom.

Four days later she called me. She explained that her grandmother told her mother the tragic story of giving birth to identical twin boys one being stillborn. The surviving uncle (her mother’s brother) gave her the duck blanket. Her uncle who died was able to tell me details about the blanket her surviving uncle gave her as a baby gift. She never knew she has a second uncle but my description of him and his mannerisms were identical to her surviving uncle who I’d never met. It was a secret her grandmother and her mom kept for years.

In part 3 of my chronicles I’ll talk more about how to develop the skills to strengthen your psychic communication ability.

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