The Legal Doobie

It appears the federal government has nothing more important to do than to pick on evil medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Federal prosecutors have told stores that they must shut down in 45 days or face criminal charges even if they are operating legally under the state’s medical marijuana law which was enacted back in 1996.

The crackdown on these dispensaries is a bi-partisan effort with even the Obama Administration looking to curtail the distribution of legalized pot. Who knew we could have bi-partisan agreement on anything. I say bring the GOP and Democratic leaders out to California for a gathering at one of those lovely legal dispensaries.  A little talking, a little sampling and maybe the good will between the two parties would flourish. Yes, before long, we would have a budget, a healthcare system that works, a jobs bill, a law banning Rush Limbaugh, Wall Street reform and a federally mandated four-day work week. Yea, that would be one magic doobie.

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One thought on “The Legal Doobie”

  1. What a visual . . . the Prez and Rush sharing a bi-partisan doobie, waving a lighter, shouting FREEBIRD, LOL. Nice one Stephanie!

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