Everything I know, I learned from movie shows: Part 4

For part four of the installment on life lessons I learned from the cinema, we turn back to the jaunty musical masterpiece that gave us part one, Grease…

If the person you’re in love with is ashamed of you, the problem is definitely you:

"Somebody's no longer concerned with the honor roll."

Yes, thanks once again to the veritable cornucopia of life lessons that is GREASE, you can quickly learn that all it takes to make someone love you is to alter every last fundamental part of who you are as a person. Oh and be sure to start smoking.
Played to perfection by miss Olivia Newton-John, the character of Sandy found herself smack in the middle of a serious conundrum: She loved Danny Zuko, and he was into her too, but how could he possibly be expected to admit that in public with her admirable GPA and complete lack of a criminal record staring everyone in the face? So Sandy did what every teenage girl should be taught to do in this situation, forget all that horse shit about who you truly are on the inside and mold yourself into an empty replica of what he wants you to be. Susan B. Anthony would be so proud…

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3 thoughts on “Everything I know, I learned from movie shows: Part 4”

  1. We discussed this before, but it always pissed me off that Danny Zuko didn’t change but Sandy did. For some reason, even in today’s world,it’s more important what happens to a man than what happens to a woman. A woman’s identity is expendable.

  2. Every time I watch that movie, I sincerely hope that the ending was meant as a satire.

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