UFO Sighting Convincibility Over Time

I’m a skeptical kind of mocker and wouldn’t have much time for things that cannot be factually proven such as Fortune Tellers, Mediums or Maths. That said, I have been fascinated with UFO sightings over the last hundred years or so. Since the 1980’s more and more people have been convinced that they have seen UFO’s. Although my findings are far from scientific, I think there are defining reasons for this:


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8 thoughts on “UFO Sighting Convincibility Over Time”

  1. As a photographer, I certainly appreciate the power of Photoshop! I assume you are implying that aliens want this power for themselves and that’s why they are showing up.

  2. I think Photoshop is responsible for quite a lot of misleading information. Love your graph! Actually, I “like” it.

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