I’ve Got the Perfect Mascot!

I’ve often wondered how the Democratic and Republican Parties came to have adopted the donkey and elephant for their symbols. Not that an elephant is the most outstanding choice, but how did the Democrats end up with an animal which is commonly called a jackass? Apparently they’ve been poor at public relations since the beginning. Well, I did some research and found that the guy who picked the donkey did resign in disgrace, but later found work choosing the super powers that Zan of the Wonder Twins would have.

If you don’t remember, Zan and Zayna were part of a somewhat lame pair of teenage superheroes. And when trouble came calling, they’d touch each other. Um, in a totally platonic manner, and shout, “Wonder Twin powers activate!” At which point, sister Zayna would turn into an eagle with menacing talons, a growling bear, or a gigantic fucking dinosaur that shoots laser beams from its head… followed by her brother turning into a cool breeze, some ice cubes, or a bucket of water.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Perfect Mascot!”

  1. I think these mascots would make voting more engaging. Most people love cartoons and superheroes and if that is where our mentality is, why not superhero mascots? Great idea!

    1. I’m with Donna. But only the Democrats should get a superhero mascot. As Mike says, the GOP should get the ice water bucket. A wet blanket would be even better.

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