Court Ruling Clears the Way For Five Detroit Suburbs to Begin Sessions With “Allah Akbar”

The recent Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in Town of Greece v. Galloway, which allows Christian prayers before their council’s business is convened, has cleared the way for at least 5 small towns near Detroit, Michigan to convene their legislative sessions with a community shouts of “Allah Akbar!” Each of the towns have said they’d wanted to implement this change for several years but were under the impression that it would be unconstitutional. The councils are asking for anonymity for fear of reprisal. Right wing reaction has been swift.

Meeting convened

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: “I welcome the change. Fair is fair. Majority rules in this country. Sounds like there are a lot of Muslims up there that want to include a sectarian invocation of their choosing. Fine by me. We all should be free to worship as we please and we can’t expect that everyone else will share our beliefs.”

Rick Santorum: “Obviously, if we’re going to allow a specific Christian prayer in the Greece case, then it’s consistent to allow these towns to pray however they want to start those sessions.”

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins: “I would wish that they would consider choosing Jesus, as I have. But here in America we should be allowed to pray however we want. It would be disingenuous for me to have a problem with this while agreeing in the Greece case. Otherwise I’d be some kind of hypocritical asshole.”

Fox News pundit Todd Starnes: “Faith has been under attack across America. It’s great to hear that these upstanding Michigan folks can pray to whatever it is they pray to. To each his own.”

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was asked for a quote, but appeared surprised and flustered that it was legal for Muslims to even live in the United States.

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