HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Stacey Graham

staceyGhost hunter, zombie enthusiast, humor writer, author and wonder woman Stacey Graham was on HumorOutcasts Radio this week, and we had a blast! Stacey is a multi-tasking mother whose early careers included faking a British accent for tourists at a historical mansion, and speaking with Italian men over the phone for far too long while working at a travel agency in Portland, Oregon. At present, she lives on top of a mountain outside of Washington, D.C with her male-deprived husband and five girls (even her two dogs are female).

Stacey’s newest book is entitled Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles. You can also check out her blog, Late Bloomer, for updates and funny anecdotes about her children, husband and questionable cooking talents. She is also the mouthpiece of Undead Fred at the Zombie Dating Guide, and she chats about ghosts at Wee Ghosties: A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, and Ask a Ghost Hunter. And of course, her author page on HO.

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Click on Stacey’s name below to hear this fun Halloween Interview!

Stacey  Graham

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