Outraged Professors Sue Colleges Over Plan to Make Them Teach

College ClassroomTenured professors have accused colleges of “violating their basic human rights” by expecting them to teach students. They have initiated a law suit to prevent colleges from forcing them into the classroom.

“The US constitution clearly states that citizens must be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. How can we do that standing in front of a bunch of students when we can be doing research?” said Professor I. Vory-Tower, of Soggy Bottom University, Soggy Bottom, IN, who is leading the legal action. “Teaching is really boring while research is interesting. It’s a no-brainer.”

When asked who should teach students if professors are not prepared to step into the classroom, he was unequivocal. “Young people called TAs do it. They are all called TA, which does seem very odd. I wonder if anyone has researched that phenomenon.”

Colleges argue that as costs continue to rise and students drown in debt, professors should make a contribution by teaching the odd class.

“They are not living in the real world,” countered Vory-Tower. “While I’m wasting my time in class who will write books that nobody reads, jet around the world to conferences, appear on TV as a leading expert, be aloof and impossible to contact? Someone has to do it.”

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