Thomas the Insightful Tank Engine

Many ask the Bill Y how he knows so much about the financial acumen of the ladies of the night and it’s a valid question, if ever there was one. A question like this demands an insightful answer and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Like most things in life, I learned it at a young age from an over-sized t-shirt:


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8 thoughts on “Thomas the Insightful Tank Engine”

  1. Well, this is a whole new take on the little engine that could. BTW, Mary Magdalene got a bad rap, the Catholic church took it back years ago. Looks like this little guy is wearing his DAD’s Christmas gift.

    1. His dad must be a basketball player or else that little dude is REALLY little!

  2. This could be interpreted in more than one way. Unfortunately, most of us are not inclined to multiple choice interpretations.

    1. Y reckons it could even become more famous than the kid on the front of the Nirvana album.

    1. Now a dude in my position knows very little about religions but wasn’t there a dude called Jesus? And was not said dude nailed to a cross? Does the little dude in the picture look like he’s getting ready to be nailed to a cross? Did the Jesus dude hang out with a lady known as Mary Magdalene? Was Mary Magdalene not a Prostitoot?

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