When Dogs Pee on You: Owner Etiquette


A bulldog peed on me. An amiable little slob, it sniffed at my ankles and the next thing I know, warm seepage on my pant leg. I was dumbstruck. Its owner was horrified.

Just moments ago we were chatting in the sunshine, both on a dog walk with our little loves. Now she stammered profuse apologies. I said, “It’s OK, we’re both dog owners. It happens.”   The owner should have just stopped with sincere apologies, but no.

Here’s what NOT to say when your dog marks territory on a human leg:

“He didn’t mean it. I’m sure he wanted to mark that leaf in front of you but he missed.”

Note to Doggy Psychics: clearly, he needed to label me as his very own. Or he mistook me for a stump. Gee, could I possibly feel worse?  It’s best if we don’t delve into his psyche (or yours).

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I can’t believe this. I’m very sorry! So very sorry!”

Thirty apologies and counting. Look, I did not overhear you say, “Go pee on her! That’s my good boy!” It wasn’t your fault and I know it. However, the hot wetness has turned cold heavy and cold. Please stop blathering so I can make a beeline for my car.

“I am so mortified. I feel terrible! This is so humiliating!”

Do you mean humiliating for you or for me standing here with urine soaked shins? I will never look at my favorite pair of jeans the same way. Do I really have to spend ten minutes making you feel better? Like I said, I need to get to my car.

My two cent theory is that life happens.  Dogs lift their legs and sometimes it’s on you. An observation: the stink of dog pee intensifies exponentially to the number of cars driving past that won’t let you make a left turn into the street.  Do the big brains at MIT have a two cent theory for that?

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5 thoughts on “When Dogs Pee on You: Owner Etiquette”

  1. I had a dog pee on me once: a German Shepherd type, if I remember correctly. In my case, I don’t remember the owner apologizing, but I remember the friend who was with me laughing.

  2. This happens to me four times a day and twice at weekends and it’s always on my favorite pair of jeans too. I gotta stop wearing those jeans!

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