10 Facts About Elvis You Might Not Know


Elvis Week was last week. He would been 80. Yes, Elvis is still dead… despite what you read in World Weekly News but here are some other things about Elvis you may not know:

1) Elvis’s first records were produced at Sun Records… on donuts. It was a great idea, records, that after you listened to them, you could also eat but… Elvis ate them all.


2) Elvis owned a chimpanzee named Scatter … who turned out to have his own chimpanzee entourage and a huge following among rocking chimp fans.


3) Presley’s romance with Natalie Wood didn’t last, once he found out she didn’t swim so well.


4) Elvis had a black belt in Karate which had a giant buckle with the words “King Karate” on it.


5) In the 1970s, Elvis would impersonate a police officer, driving a fake police car, pull over drivers and give them autographs.


6) Presley loved the color blue so much, recording a total of fifteen songs with the word “blue” in the title, if Clairol had a “Blue Velvet” that would have been his hair color. Fortunately, the closest thing Clairol had was Miss Clairol 51D, “Black Velvet.”


7) Elvis is credited with the creation of Cream-Filled Percodans.

8) Elvis believed he was a secret agent and whenever Elvis saw an enemy spy on television, he shot him.


9) Until Elvis revived it, the “sweat” industry had been dormant.


10) Fittingly, Elvis re-established the throne as death locale of choice for “Kings.”

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  1. Elvis served the teenage girl population of my generation very well. He bothered our parents! Hehe!

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