Asses Behind LGBT Boycott in Indiana?

donkeyThe Ladies Golf and Bridge Tournament (LGBT) is seeking a new home after being blackballed by the town of Mental Narrows, Indiana.

The trouble began when one of the tournament’s competitors suffered an injury and was taken to hospital. Ethel Blenkinthorpe was admitted to the Mental Narrows Infirmary with severe lower pinky fatigue after winning several rubbers.

“Apart from bridge, Ethel adores flowers and pizza, and naturally that’s what we wanted to send her to cheer her up,” explained Belinda Bray, LGBT chairperson.

LGBT ordered the items from local florists and pizza shops, but in each case the order was declined. “Apparently an LGBT order is not welcome here. I don’t understand it, we created a bit of a ruckus last year when one of the ladies drank a little too much port, but nothing serious,” Bray said.

LGBT is a charity that raises money for the upkeep of retired donkeys. “Maybe they don’t like donkeys around here,” wondered Bray.

Photo: Wikimedia

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  1. I thought LGBT was a sandwich–Lettuce, Ground Beef, Tomato. Maybe Indianains hate hamburgers?

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