8 thoughts on “Government Secrets”

  1. I just love all the up-standing (well something is up-standing) citizens they’re finding on Ashely Madison…if only one of them was Donald Trump…my day would be made.

  2. Donna, what’s security like at HumorOutcasts.com? I’d hate for anyone to find out I’m “funny.” I’m sure many others are also hoping you’re protecting information about their humor preferences. Oh sure, it all starts out with just wanting to have a few laughs, but then the thrill of that first illicit pun or satirical thrust leads users down a path of veritable humor addiction—late-night posts (Bill Y Ledden: itsgood@itsgoodtomock.com), a quickie comment here and there (donna@humoroutcasts.com). That’s how marriages and lives are ruined.

    Please take steps.

    1. No worries Bill. I know that lives can be ruined through humor, so I make sure that everyone in the world can find you. Yep, no security whatsoever! Well, besides the regular kind of spammers, hackers and all the evil that lives in the internet world. Those I pay a high price to keep out. 🙂

    2. Did Bill Spencer just publish my email address for all the world to see? Don Don’s, there’s been a breach! It’s only a matter of time before Julian Assange uploads this information!

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