Jerry Jones To Enter Own Name In Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor

Jerry Jones announced recently that he will soon be entering his own name in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor around the team’s home field inside AT&T Stadium. This will place his name among those of the immortal Aikman, Smith, Dorsett, and Landry. Jones took questions and commented briefly while leaving the Valley Ranch facility yesterday.

Ring of Honor

“Despite that heartbreaker we had up there in Green Bay, and it certainly was a close contest there, we can’t discount the tremendous effort I’ve put forth in the last year. In just one year, the team, under my ownership, has won the same number of playoff games that it’s won in the previous 17 years. Seventeen years! And in just one year, my team has equaled that number. It’s pretty fantastic when you think of it, and I think that it’s worthy of noting that accomplishment with something special like this. I assure you that the decision makers, or decision maker rather, in this process was very thorough and fair and I think we ought to just respect the outcome of that process.”

Jones recently raised eyebrows when he said that he didn’t expect to put former coach Jimmy Johnson into the Ring of Honor, discounting his two Super Bowl wins as coach and another which occurred just after his departure with the roster he was responsible for creating. “I don’t have plans for Jimmy to be in the Ring of Honor. The criteria that I’m interested in have more to the guys that were on the field making the plays,” Jones said. When pressed about his own candidacy, he said not to discount those times late in many games where he did come out of his suite and walk onto the field to meddle in crucial gametime decisions. Jones also reportedly said that those three Super Bowls would ultimately pale in comparison to the five or more Super Bowls that he plans on winning himself in the near future.

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