New Reality Show Puts It All Out There

sexboxThe WE network is premiering its newest extreme reality show, The Sex Box. In this show, couples in strained relationships discuss their problems with an expert panel that includes a sex therapist, psychotherapist, pastor and a comedian (I don’t get that one either).  Also in the mix is the always-needed live audience. After an initial discussion, the couple retires to a “box” on the set to engage in sex.  Just so no one thinks this is a cheap way to see porn, the box is camera-free and soundproof. After the deed is done, the couple re-appears in sexy nighties and silk robes to sit down with the experts, who by the way are fully clothed, and talk about their roll in the hay.


What can we learn from this show?

1. For 15 minutes of fame, couples will fake ANYTHING!

2.  Not all moms are proud when their kids are on TV.

And three,

Keeping up with the Kardashians now has a whole new meaning.

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12 thoughts on “New Reality Show Puts It All Out There”

  1. This brings a number of questions to mind, such as:

    1. Do they get a decent amount of time to get it on with each other, or do they have to do it all in 15 minutes?

    3. Do they have a waterbed inside the box? A bed of nails? Grass?

    2. Who buys the sexy nighties and robes, and do the couple get to take them home?

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