Quiz #2 for Bill Y Ledden Month

Bill Y was shocked and delighted that so many readers seemed to understand the workings of his mind…well, sort of.  As a further challenge, he has added this quiz to the Bill Y Ledden contest.  Prizes will be awarded again, so have fun deciphering this quiz.  I know I couldn’t! But there are better brains than mine out there. Are you ready?

Q. When Sweden v Denmark, the scoreboard is abbreviated to Swe v Den. These letters spell Sweden. How does this make Denmark feel?denmark flag
😉 Denmark doesn’t care because it has Carlsberg.
Machine) Pristine Fractal Relic
\) Yellow/Orange Category Juice
b) Star Wars
Q. If we had no skeleton, we would be spineless but what are numbers used for? 
ty) Huh? 
Nuns) Knuns
Pow) Monterey Jack Cheese
utut) Star Wars
Q. If you feed off an audience, how do you know when you’re full? 
   _____________/( . )\_____________
      |    |  (  \_/  )  |    |    *
      *|*  *|*  \_-+-_/  *|*  *|*       
8998755R) Tabitha the Witch
decimates) pointed arrows
deymn) The Empire Strikes Back to The Future
Q. Bill Y’s most prized possession is his abacus but why is he not called Bill Y “Abacus” Ledden?
[paj_) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Heroes in a Half-Shell!
Turtle Power!
Here we go,
It’s the Lean Green Ninja Team,
On the Scene,
Cool Teens Doin’ Ninja Things!
So Extreme,
Out the Sewer Like Laser Beams!
Get Rocked,
With the Shell Shocked Pizza Kings!
Can’t Stop These Radical Dudes!
The Secret of the Ooze Made the Chosen Few!
Emerge From the Shadows to Make Their Move!
The Good Guys Win and the Bad Guys Lose!
Leonardo’s the Leader in Blue!
Does Anything it Takes to Get His Ninjas Through!
Donatello is the Fellow,
Who Has a Way With Machines!
Raphael’s Got the Most Attitude on the Team!
He’s One of A Kind!
You Know Just Where to Find ‘im When it’s Party Time!
Master Splinter Taught Them Every Single Skill They Need,
To Be One Lean Mean Green Radical Team!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Heroes in a Half-Shell!
Turtle Power!
‘) Filezilla
Dsyte) Tayto Electrons


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7 thoughts on “Quiz #2 for Bill Y Ledden Month”

  1. 1. Denmark resents being referred to as a “den.” Other than that, they don’t give “en flyvende fanden.”

    2. Numbers are used to count the number of knuns who refuse to eat Monterrey Jack cheese because it’s yellow.

    3. When you start spitting out your lines.

    4. He doesn’t allow himself to be called “Abacus,” because if everyone knew he had one they’d expect him to be the one to figure out how to divide the bill in restaurants. He doesn’t want that kind of responsibility.

    (Come on, let me win this time. Please! Please!)

  2. I’m coloring in the bubble “C” for all the questions. That’s the strategy that got me through school, from elementary to graduate and I’m sticking withit.

  3. My head hurts. Nothin’ a little morning booze won’t fix, so here goes:

    #1: They don’t feel anything because they are Nordic and bury their feelings behind an icy berm.

    #2: Confusing people.

    #3: When you burp and the sound it makes is “Booo! Get off the stage!”

    #4: ‘Cause Momma didn’t raise no bean counter.

  4. This is a tough one, but here are my answers:

    Denmark feels fine because nobody eats Swedish for breakfast, there’s no Great Swede dog breed (which you know because of your pedigree), and of course there’s Hamlet.

    Numbers are used to ensure there are always enough prizes.

    You don’t get down off an elephant; you get down off a duck.

    Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, etcetera ad infinitum

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