15 thoughts on “Say Yes to Seaweed”

  1. You have just taken away my one excuse for becoming a vegetarian – maybe. I might have to reconsider my eating choices. I’ve never heard of this type of seaweed though, so I’m going to have to look for it and try it. However, I was also told that tofu tastes like and has the texture of chicken. What a disappointment. Not even close. I’m suspicious!

    1. Tofu looks, tastes and has the texture of tofu, unless you whip it up, put lots of sugar and fruit flavor in it and sell it as Tufutti. Even then, it isn’t fooling anyone.

  2. Does it fry up crispy and fatty and curly and smell wonderful, and can you cook other things with its grease to make THEM taste good, too?

  3. It may taste like bacon but if I know it’s not bacon, I’m not eating it. Just gimme bacon already and do it now, will ya?

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