Somebody Up There Has A Sense Of Humor


Everyone has heard that old saying “It’s funny until someone gets hurt…then it’s hilarious.” I’d say this story meets those conditions. It concerns a court case spurred by an incident at a New Jersey Applebee’s. A plaintiff recently sued the restaurant after a run-in with a hot-skillet chicken fajita. Here’s how the saga unfolded:

The waitress emerged from the kitchen and lowered the hot, sizzling item onto the guy’s table. And then she walked away. The guy closed his eyes and lowered his head to pray…directly over the fajita. His face was inches from the chicken when heard a sizzling noise. Grease from the skillet jumped up, burning the guy’s face. He panicked and knocked the steaming-hot item into his lap, causing further burns.

And you thought God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

In court the guy claimed that the waitress didn’t properly warn him that his food item, which was sending off waves of steam, was hot. But the judge wasn’t buying it.

In his closing remarks the judge said “Anyone who eats at Applebee’s should know that they’re taking their lives into their own hands. Praying that you get through the meal alive won’t help. Be grateful you didn’t actually consume any of the food. Case dismissed.”

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8 thoughts on “Somebody Up There Has A Sense Of Humor”

  1. When I was a waitress at a Greek restaurant as a teenager, I once dropped a flaming appetizer into guy’s lap. Luckily, he had terrific reflexes and leapt backwards just in time. Very dramatic. Nobody sued anybody, and we all lived happily ever after.

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