The Actor Steve Buscemi

The Actor Steve Buscemi is without doubt, one of the finest actors of this or any generation.
Only the truly brilliant can depict a 4-year-old girl with the emotional depth and resonance that brings realism to life:


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5 thoughts on “The Actor Steve Buscemi”

  1. Yes, Buscemi has captured the look, but for my money Christian Bale throws a better tantrum.

    1. If you want to see Christian Bale really throw a tantrum, you just to need to send Ben Affleck up to him and get him to say “I’m Batman”.

  2. The thing that kills me is that he quit his job as a New York City firefighter to become an actor. I mean, he’s working this great job where he runs into burning abandoned buildings, gets waked up at all hours in all weather, takes his turn at cooking and cleaning the firehouse toilets, only to become a rich and famous actor?

    Okay, I get it now.

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