The Black Dot Campaign

Domestic violence is a huge problem in America. Often the abused do not feel that they can tell others about their situation without an abuser finding out. But now there’s something called “The Black Dot Campaign” where those in difficult circumstances can secretly signal to others that they need help without their abuser knowing. The abused can learn about this campaign while surfing the internet in their spare time away from the prying eyes of their psychotic abuser who watches their every move.

So when you see someone with a black dot on their hand, call the police and get them help immediately. But the only way this will work is through awareness, so it must be shared. It’s absolute genius and there’s no possible downside to doing this kind of thing. Spread this message to everyone you know, in case they are being abused domestically. Have everyone you know share it. And have them share it with everyone they know. But don’t let any abusers see it. Keep it secret, because that’s the key.


I can see that it’s working already. I and everyone I know have put a black dot on our hands to show solidarity with victims, just as the shared post instructed. People think that social media is just a wasteland of cat pictures and fart jokes, but here’s something actually making a difference in peoples’ lives. Now I see people everywhere with black dots on their hands and I wink to them in solidarity, because we understand that we are all concerned citizens standing strong against domestic violence.

Wait… or was I supposed to call the cops?

**If you are in trouble, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233**

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