9 thoughts on “What a difference two days make.”

  1. When I lived in LA, I saw this kind of lopsided couple 10 times a day. Pudgy, balding, lawyers in their 50s with hotties in their 20s. Just look at Trump’s current wife. Would she ever look at a joke like him if he didn’t have the deepest pockets in NYC?

    1. I don’t believe in coincidence either, Don Don’s. I was put on this planet for a purpose. Bon Jovi…yada, yada, yada… lol

  2. In terms of the 1849 California gold rush, this guy struck it BIG. His true love is what was called a “prospector,” and his prospects suddenly looked awfully good. She may have tried digging for gold or even sifting for it out of a stream, known as “pining for gold.” But big returns usually required mining—and everything about this young lady’s body posture indicates “Gold–MINE.” I’m not one to question the miraculous workings of true love, but I have a slight concern that she might be planning (though I certainly hope not)—to jump his claim.

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